2012 Black to the Future

Parts I and II

Hosted by: Redcliffe


Bullwinkle’s Performances:

  • Premier Division: equal 1st (of five) [1st on countback]
  • Adult Division: 1st (of two)


It was a pleasure to return to the Qld Teams Championship this year. The strength of competition in the premier division was probably higher than it’s ever been and Bullwinkle’s victory (on match points, having tied with Redcliffe) came only after some extremely tense finishes, and with several dollops of good fortune. Everyone in the team contributed at vital times but special mention must go to Michael Van Pelt and Craig Stewart (both 4/4), who anchored the team. Ben McPhee (3/4) capped off a year of good performances, and the inimitable Kevin Casey played his 20th rapid game for the club, thus qualifying for induction into Bullwinkle’s Rapid Hall of Fame.



The adult division turned out to be a showdown between Bullwinkle and Brisbane, each of which featured players who, though rusty, would not have been out of place in premier division teams. In the end Bullwinkle’s top four point-scorers managed 12.5 to the Brisbane Club’s 11. Jack Shanks debuted for Bullwinkle and secured the title by edging out Howard Duggan in a nail-biting last game finish. Though featuring a relatively small field, the team-sensitive swiss ran well, and hopefully will see more clubs able to field players next year.



2012 Black

Club Bullwinkle in pre-match training.