2016 Black in the Saddle

Hosted by: Redcliffe


The 2016 Qld Teams Championship was a 7-round 12-team swiss, in which Bullwinkle fielded the inscrutable moon men teams of Gidney and Cloyd.


Bullwinkle’s Performance:


Premier Division – 1st (6 teams)

Board 1 prize: Moulthun Ly

Board 2 prize: Tom Slater-Jones (equal)

Board 3 prize: Jacob Edwards (equal)

Board 6 prize: Andrew Mather

Team Gidney


Second Division – 1st (6 teams)

Board 1 prize: Kevin Casey (equal)

Board 3 prize: Derek Zhang

Team Cloyd


On paper there was little to separate the top Redcliffe, Bullwinkle and Gen Y (Excessive Epicness) teams, yet Bullwinkle’s Team Gidney scored 5-1 wins in both key match-ups. Led by Moulthun Ly and book-ended by Andrew Mather (both 7/7), Gidney also won its remaining matches, scraping to overall victory by a single board point from the fast-finishing Excessive Epicness 1.


Captained by the inimitable Kevin Casey, and with standout performances by juniors Derek Zhang (5/7) and Jasper Moss (4/7 on debut), Team Cloyd took out the second division, taking valuable points from Redcliffe 1 along the way.




It was a day for individual milestones, with Tom Slater-Jones and Derek Zhang both entering the rapid hall of fame (20 games); Nik Stawski and Michael D’Arcy each playing their 40th games; Kevin Casey notching his 50th; and Jacob Edwards, last to finish in the final round, blissfully unaware that he was playing his 100th – for the title!


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Winning aside, Bullwinkle deemed it an organisational triumph to be able to field two teams… so it must be acknowledged with great respect that Tyson Walker’s Excessive Epicness managed five!


As usual, assembling everyone for a team photo proved problematic…


Club Bullwinkle: Black in the Saddle