2014 Black in Contention

Hosted by: Redcliffe


Bullwinkle’s Performance:

2nd (of nine)


Club Bullwinkle finished second at the Qld Teams Champs, scoring 34.5/48 (board scores) and 6.5/8 (match results). Having lost to eventual winners the Gold Coast in round two, Bullwinkle proceeded to rack up some impressive match victories in the middle rounds, and indeed was leading with two rounds to play. Sadly, however, a stumble (understatement; more a pratfall) against Tony Zhong’s juniors in the penultimate round saw Club B overtaken again. Cloudy finish; silver lining.


In terms of individual milestones, Jason Chan made his debut for the club (#70); Michael D’Arcy entered the Rapid Hall of Fame; Michael Van Pelt notched up his 60th rapid game, and Jacob Edwards his 80th.


1st Gold Coast (Nakauchi)
2nd Club Bullwinkle
3rd Park Road


Time control: 10+5


2014 Black2