There will come a time, surely, when the transfer revolution sweeps away the archaic and shambolic game we call regular chess. Club Bullwinkle is in training for this day, but transfer competitions are lamentably few…



Aaron the Aardvark (Slater-Jones / Edwards)

Apple Sauce (Van Pelt / Edwards)

Back in Five Minutes (Edwards / Van Pelt)

Because I Got High (Williams / Van Pelt)

Bravest Orang-Utan Outside of Britain (D’Arcy / Edwards)

Business Socks (Edwards / Williams)

Donnie the Donkey (Edwards / Slater-Jones)

Do It For Konrad (Stawski / Van Pelt) [aka What the Heck]

(There was Supposed to be an) Earth-Shattering Kaboom (Edwards / Van Pelt)

Glass Half Full (Stawski)

Halfwit (Van Pelt)

Heisenberg (Williams / Van Pelt)

Hiphopopotamus (Williams / Edwards)

Horse Suit (Edwards / Edwards)

Ian and Darryl (Smerdon / Ly)

Ice Ice Baby (Edwards / Uebel)

Junior Bullwinkle (Renjith / Ooi)

Naughty Moose (Van Pelt / Edwards)

Rastapopoulos in A Flat Minor (Edwards / Slater-Jones)

The Sausage Kings of Chicago (Edwards / Van Pelt)

Stop the Pigeon (Edwards / Van Pelt)

Take no Ostriches (Edwards / Van Pelt)

Think Vice (Williams / Van Pelt)

Three Monkeys (Van Pelt / Disteldorf / Grenfell)

Two Dead Pidgeons (Williams / Van Pelt)

Valium (Williams / Van Pelt)

van Klomp (Edwards / Van Pelt)

What the Heck (Stawski / Van Pelt) [aka Do It For Konrad]