JOOC League (2020)

Club Bullwinkle fielded two 3-player teams in the inaugural JOOC League, an online competition hosted by at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. In tribute to Nik Stawski’s old stomping ground, Bullwinkle played as the Sunshine Coast Mammoths.

Mammoths u18_u16

u18 & u16 (Combined Division)

1. Henry Slater-Jones (6/7)
2. Jared Mares (4/6)
3. Keenan Poon (4/7)

The Mammoths finished 1st (of 5 teams) in the u18 & u16 division. Team captain Henry Slater-Jones scored a deserved silver medal.

Mammoths u18_u16_Individual

Mammoths u14

u14 Division

1. Jayden Ooi (7/7)
2. Sravan Renjith (7/7)
3. Sean McLennan (3/7)

The Mammoths finished =3rd (5th on countback) of 14 teams competing in the u14 division. Jayden Ooi and Sravan Renjith won gold and silver medals respectively.

Mammoths u14_Individual

Special thanks to Nik Stawski for coordinating both teams, ably assisted by Keon Poon.