(Year 20)


Player of the Year:

Kevin Casey



Tournament Results:

=1st place [1st on countback] – Qld Teams Ch. (Adult Division)

  • Board 1 Prize = Tony Zhong

3rd place – Qld Teams Ch. (Premier)

  • (equal) Board 2 Prize = Kevin Casey
  • Board 4 Prize = Nik Stawski



On Debut:

Tony Zhong (66)
Kabilan Cholan (67)
Derek Zhang (68)

Debut_66TZ Debut_67KC_temp Debut_68DZ


Hall of Fame:

Cameron Bailey
Michael D’Arcy
Karina Bell (rapid)
Halim Nataprawira (rapid)

Hall_CB Hall_MD2 rHall_CB rHall_HN