Fozzle Stick 3
September 4, 2013, 8:00 PM
Club Bullwinkle
2 - 7
Grace Lutheran College, Rothwell

Match Report

1 (c) Jacob Edwards Brodie McClymont 0 ~ 1
2 Michael Van Pelt Michael Cashman 0.5 ~ 0.5
3 Nik Stawski Tony Truscott 0.5 ~ 0.5
4 Peter Evans Tony Weller 0 ~ 1
5 Michael D’Arcy Martin Post 0 ~ 1
6 Konrad Uebel Tom Maguire 1 ~ 0
7 Tom Slater-Jones Nate Young 0 ~ 1
8 Regina Edwards Lachlan Pedersen 0 ~ 1
9 Tony Hughes (c) Mark Stokes 0 1


Hall of Fame:

Michael D’Arcy (10 games)


Time Control:

60/side + 20/move Fischer


Bullwinkle Board Colours (Odd):



* Retrospectively dubbed Club Bullwinkle’s Team Flat as a Dead Pavlova.


Match two of the three match series between Bullwinkle and Redcliffe saw the men in red turn the tables, triumphing 7-2. (Redcliffe captain Mark Stokes adopted the role of town crier, nearly delirious with joy!) Bullwinkle fielded their five most-capped players (Jacob & Regina Edwards, Nik Stawski, Michael Van Pelt, Konrad Uebel) but were thoroughly outplayed, the only Bullwinkle victory coming courtesy of Konrad, who’d flown in for his first game of chess since 2007. Regina Edwards notched up her 60th game for the club, while Michael D’Arcy was inducted into the Hall of Fame, losing his 10th game but nonetheless achieving the best entrance score (8/10) since David Smerdon’s record (9/10) set way back in the year 2000. (As a point of interest, David’s dropped game came also against Redcliffe — tip of the hat to Michael Cashman.) The overall contest between Bullwinkle and Redcliffe now stands at one match and 10.5 points each, with the decider to be held in December.