Motherless Goat 1
May 17, 2013, 8:00 PM
Club Bullwinkle
0 - 7
Logan City
Springwood State High School, Logan City

Match Report

1 Bruce Williams Majid Heydari 0 ~ 1
2 Michael D’Arcy Oleg Korenevski 0 ~ 1
3 Craig Stewart Tyson Walker 0 ~ 1
4 Karina Bell Mark Cervanjak 0 ~ 1
5 Regina Edwards Chris Flynn 0 ~ 1
6 Michelle Phair David Cigelj 0 ~ 1
7 Miron Basman Aaron Downey 0 ~ 1
Jacob Edwards (c) Jim Ritchie (c)


Rapid Hall of Fame:

Karina Bell (20 games)


Bullwinkle Board Colours (Odd):



* Retrospectively accorded the name Club Bullwinkle’s Team Misère.


The first of the year’s rapid matches provided a scorecard that had non-playing captains Jacob Edwards and Jim Ritchie scratching their heads: a 7-0 whitewash! (Not that it wasn’t close. In fact, Bullwinkle had chances in all but the first two games finished. But Logan reeled in result after result and eventually secured an extraordinary picket fence… Of course, the Bullwinkle team proudly announced that it had played the misère. The only way was up.) Karina Bell played her twentieth rapid game for Bullwinkle and so was inducted into the Rapid Hall of Fame, becoming only the eighth player to feature in both Classical and Rapid Halls.