Fozzle Stick 3
December 18, 2019, 8:15 PM
Club Bullwinkle
6 - 0
Grace Lutheran College, Rothwell

Match Report

1 Michael D’Arcy Jai Turner 1 ~ 0
2 (c) Jacob Edwards Tony McRoberts 1 ~ 0
3 Regina Edwards John Paliwoda 1 ~ 0
4 Halim Nataprawira Nicola Malzkovic 1 ~ 0
5 Craig Stewart (w) Nathan Wells (b) 1 ~ 0
6 Bruce Williams Filip Simic 1 ~ 0

Time Control: 60+10 (Fischer)

Colour (Odd Boards): Black

Team Old Hat
Team Old Hat

In this traditional end-of-year match, Redcliffe not only hosted but also put on beer + pizzas! (Our thanks, as always, to Mark Stokes and the Redcliffe crew.)

Finding that Redcliffe were missing several of their strongest players, Bullwinkle proposed splitting what would have been a 12-board match into two separate 6-board matches.

The first of these was for bragging rights, and featured Bullwinkle’s young guns (Team New Hat) against Redcliffe’s top boards. The second was more leisurely and saw Bullwinkle’s elder statesmen (Team Old Hat) take on a combination of Redcliffe’s youngsters and veterans.

Both Old Hat and New Hat contrived to play in alphabetical order.