Motherless Goat 3
May 29, 2020, 8:30 PM
Club Bullwinkle
7 - 1
Logan City

Match Report

1 Sravan Renjith Terry Feduniw 1 ~ 0
2 Andrew Mather Andrew Lin (c) 0 ~ 1
3 Brian Thomas Kingston Wang 1 ~ 0
4 Jacob Edwards (c) Shi-Ke Sem 1 ~ 0
5 Justin Turner Phil Bennet 1 ~ 0
6 Jasper Moss Faisal Rahman 1 ~ 0
7 Ben McPhee Dario Tsai 1 ~ 0
8 Regina Edwards Chris Nobbs 1 ~ 0


Time Control: 30+10


Colour (Odd Boards): White



Club Bullwinkle took to last night for its second online interclub encounter, staging in the digital arena the traditional local derby against Logan City.

This was shaping as one of the better-organised matches in our proud and chaotic history… until a domino-chain of last-minute hitches turned everything pear-shaped. In cinema parlance, we cut the wrong wire, managing to (a) delay the match by half an hour; (b) exclude one of Logan’s players; and (c) accidentally draft in a new board 1 and drop our board 8, thereby shuffling the entire team down…

Nonetheless, chess was played! Bullwinkle won both back-to-back matches, though not without a struggle. There were plenty of close games; Terry Feduniw in particular put up a tremendous fight against Sravan Renjith.

Kudos to Logan City for embracing the new frontier and going (in the space of a week) from having no players online to fielding a 9-board team. Our especial thanks to their interclub coordinator Andrew Lin.


Playing As:


Bullwinkle Logan
1 sravanrenjith TARA777
2 Quackis7 dirtyjs
3 onetimeplayr KingstonTheMaster
4 Jacob_Edwards Shike-Sem
5 justin3_tst PhilB_Logan
6 TheBigMoss69 faisalrahman1978
7 bzm85 DarioT0628
8 TheRagingFowl chrisnobbs